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I Know the Pressure You Feel to be a High-Achieving Sales Rep Can Cause Anxiety.

I Will Guide You With Experience.

More Than 29 Years Selling & Marketing Medical Devices and Services. I'm here to help you with becoming a high-achieving Sales Rep.

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Here Are the Steps to Becoming a High-Achieving Sales Rep

  • Step 1

    Buy the first module of the course: "How to Become a High-Achieving Sales Rep."

  • Step 2

    Commit to learning and executing the ideas and skills in the course each week.

  • Step 3

    Make the rest of 2020 and 2021 your best years ever for earnings and awards!

And in the meantime, download the eBook: Five Things Helping Sales Reps Thrive Right Now. Stop feeling vulnerable and start being in control of your destiny and be recognized as the high-achiever you are meant to be!

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Download a FREE Ebook that will help you make more money and start becoming a high-achieving Sales Rep with five action-oriented ideas you can use today.

Five Things Helping Sales Reps Thrive Right Now

  • The art of the handwritten note

  • Get personal to connect

  • Market analysis for adding value

  • Business reviews to inform

  • Content curation to stand-out

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New Modules Are Coming to Make Marketing Easy Courses to Help You Win More:

  • Module One

    Make Your Customers and Prospects Feel Special - July 2020

  • Module Two

    Understand Your Markets, Customers, and Strategy to Win More - November 2020

  • Module Three

    Content Marketing Made Easy - January 2021

  • Module Four

    Digital Marketing Explained and Made Easy - March 2021

  • Module Five

    Email Marketing for Success - May 2021

  • Module Six

    Building Platform YOU Made Easy - July 2021

  • Module Seven

    The Zone Selling System and Productivity Hacks That Work - July 2021

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Make Marketing Easy

At Joel Gaslin Marketing and Make Marketing Easy Courses, I know that you want to be a high-achieving Sales Representative. In order to do that, you need a steady flow of leads. The problem is you’re not trained in marketing and that's making you feel vulnerable and anxious because you are depending on someone else to create leads for you. I believe you ought to have an easy way to learn lead-creating marketing skills and become a high achieving sales representative, make more money, and win awards. As a former sales representative, marketing product manager, and sales and marketing executive, I know how the pressure to be a high-achieving sales rep feels. Which is why I use my 29 years in various selling and marketing roles to be your Guide.

Become a High-Achieving Sales Rep and Make More Money!