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Marketing and process are words seldom written together. Athletic Greens uses a planned marketing process and it shows in their product and customer experience. I struggle with process sometimes – think avoiding rigidity!

In this post, you’ll learn about a marketing process employed by Athletic Greens that is simple, effective and easy enough for anyone to follow. At least, that’s what it looks like from the outside looking in.

Was it a marketing process that made me a new Athletic Green customer?

I heard about Athletic Greens on the Art of Manliness Podcast with Brett McKay on Episode 411 about why emotion is better than willpower for achieving your goals. If you’ve never listened to this show, this is a good one. Don’t let the title fool you, I first discovered this site and Podcast searching for a good explanation of an OODA loop created by John Boyd.

One of the steps in the marketing process Athletic Greens uses is to create an Affiliate network to drive sales. This worked and I took Brett’s offer getting 20 free travel packs with my first order. I was impressed when my order arrived.

My first order of Athletic Greens arrives.

When the box arrived a couple of days after my order I was excited to get started. What happened next is when the fun started for me. Marketing process geek alert!

First, I noticed how simple an clean everything was on the outside of the box.

Next, I opened the box and saw a nice, simple sticker that held custom tissue paper together to protect the contents of the package. It felt like opening a box of new Gucci Loafers and that’s one of my favorite things to do!

On the little sticker was a picture of Adam. It told me he lives in Sydney, Australia and that many hard working people produced my products. Nice.

Athletic Greens products are in the picture below. In my desire to get started, I ripped apart the nice packaging so there’s no photo. Had I known what I was about to find inside, I’d have taken a picture of the box immediately after opening the package.

Athletic Greens Superfood Products

A packaging display of gratitude, organization, and suspense.

The first thing I noticed when I opened the tissue was a personalized thank you card. The message on the card was simple, positive,  asked me to take action, and built a sense of what is coming next.

Also, the note conveys excitement and asks me to share my experience. Athletic Greens understands that building advocates is an important step in the marketing process so they ask for it early. I like these guys so far!

On the back of the card, is handy references for getting in touch.

A handwritten thank you note from Athletic Greens

The 2-part plan for success in the box is what hooked me on the Athletic Greens marketing process.

Athletic Green’s 2-part plan for success is simple and amazing. Sometimes when I get new things, I wonder, “How do I get started?” This plan tells how to get started, gives the best option and “Your other best option.” Classic “if not this, then that” thinking.

Now, I’m a fan! And I see myself happier using this product. Okay…maybe that’s a bit much. But, their marketing process is amazing.

Athletic Greens how-to-guide

A packing slip pulls it all together for the company and impacts the customer experience.

The packing slip blew me away. Most of the time, if you’re like me, you pitch the packing slip. Who looks at these things? I don’t. Usually. But, man, am I glad I did here.

Athletic Greens uses their packaging slip as a way to make certain the marketing process is followed. That’s right, the contents of the package are clearly listed so that the person who packs the box knows exactly what to do.

I like this level of detail as a consumer, too. It reminds me of everything I am getting with my order and humanizes the experience.

Athletic Greens Marketing Process guiding packing slip

What’s your marketing process?

You have one. You may not have defined it as clearly as Athletic Greens, but you may learn from them and improve upon yours. At Sightpath Medical, we’re in the middle of upgrading our customer onboarding experience and I believe we can learn something from Athletic Greens.

What are you working on to make your customer experience and marketing process better? Why not leave a comment below and tell us what you’re working on?

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