Does How We Think Determine Where We Go?

When I set-off for college at the University of Minnesota in the Fall of 1984, my dad said to me, “You may major in whatever you want to as long as it is math or science.” I asked him, “Why math or science?” He replied, “Those subjects teach you how to think.”

Unusual as it was for me as an 18 year old kid at the time, I took my dad’s advice and earned a Bachelor of Science in Biochemistry. He was right about the thinking thing.

The Citric Acid Cycle

The Citric Acid Cycle

I can’t tell you the last time that I thought about the Kreb’s Cycle (Now called the Citric Acid Cycle) or whether or not I could hydrogenate cyanocobalamine. (My senior research on vitamin B12 under the guidance of Dr. Harry Hogankamp) It is, however, a common occurrence that I use the Scientific Process to find a solution to something that I want to accomplish.

This is an article that I read on the Entrepreneur Magazine website that I enjoyed. I believe in the power that my thoughts have to influence my life and I am grateful for the guidance that my dad gave me at an impressionable time of my life.

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