My favorite way to start a Saturday..

In my experience, most people have a favorite way to start a Saturday, or any day that they don’t have to go to work. If you’re like me, lots of times the way that I want to start my day and the way that I actually do may be completely different. Granted, now that my kids are older and mostly out of the house, my circle of influence on my activities on days off has definitely grown.

Here’s how my day started for me today. I woke up without the aid of an alarm clock about 6:15 am and rolled around for another half an hour just thinking about things in general. I got out of bed about 6:45 am, fed my dogs, Walt and Milton, let them out to do their business, did some meditative reading that I do each morning for about 20 minutes and then went for a nice, easy 3.2 mile run with my buddy, Walt:

Walt's a one-year old Silver Labrador Retriever

Walt’s a one-year old Silver Labrador Retriever

We had a nice jog, it was hot and humid for a Minnesota morning. Walt was rambunctious today because it was Saturday and there were lots of other people and dogs to “greet” along the way. We got through it and Walt was tuckered out by the end. So was I.

After this, on Saturdays anyway, my favorite thing to do is make breakfast. I vary on what I make, but it usually consists of some meat product, eggs and whatever else the spirit moves me to make. Most of my family is not up an moving by this time, and Jean is not a big breakfast person, so I am usually cooking for one.

If I had to pick, this is my favorite thing to make:

Favorite Breakfast Sandwich

What’s in my favorite breakfast sandwich and how is it prepared, you ask?

My favorite breakfast sandwich consists of toasted Pumpernickel bread, Thielen’s bacon, an egg cooked in the drippings from the bacon, pepper jack cheese, Hellman’s mayo and Frank’s Redhot sauce.

The first thing that I do is fry-up three slices of bacon, each cut in half, in my 10-inch cast-iron skillet that I love to use. I toast the bread and spread about a tablespoon of Mayo on it. When the bacon is done, I put it on a plate with some paper towel to drain the grease and then cook the egg in the drippings from the bacon in the same skillet. I know, if you’re going to cook the egg in the grease, why drain the bacon? That’s a fair point and you should let your conscience be your guide.

I like to cook the egg like what my dad always called “hard.” What that means is that I break the yolk, let the egg spread, flip it over, add salt and pepper, top it with the cheese and then drop it right onto the toasted bread. It’s a great sandwich and I like to wash it all down with a glass of chocolate milk like you see in the photo.

Once I eat this, I clean-up in the kitchen, drink another cup of coffee and take a shower I am ready to get on with the day.

How do you like to start your days off?

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