Five Reasons You Should Stay at a Ritz-Carlton Once a Year

Picture from the balcony Ritz Carlton Hotel US Virgin Islands

The Ritz Carlton US VIrgin Islands

The first time I stayed in a Ritz-Carlton was in April of 1991 in St. Louis, Missouri. I went there for a work meeting and before that I had never heard of such a place. Growing up in Minnesota, we didn’t have any in our city. Amazingly, we still don’t.

In May of 2005, I had the opportunity to attend a customer service training session conducted at the Ritz-Carlton in Half Moon Bay, California by their staff. The training was an incredible experience for me, and as a result, I am hooked on the brand.

Whenever possible, I stay at the Ritz-Carlton. Is it expensive? Yes, it is. But when you factor in everything that comes along and view it as an investment in an experience, I believe it is quite reasonable.

Today, to celebrate 25 years of marriage, my wife and I are staying at the Ritz-Carlton, US Virgin Islands. With a week to reflect on what I like so much about their properties, I feel the need to write about what makes them special.

I believe it is a combination of facilities, services and attitude that creates their “special sauce.” The investment required for learning while re-charging and staying at a Ritz-Carlton property is, for me, a big part of my own continued development.

Over the years, my wife and I visited many of their properties around the United States and are grateful for each experience gained from our times on property. Each one is different, and yet there are similarities which thread them all together.

As a person exposed to various business models, I enjoy seeing how others conduct their business and often times pick-up new ideas applicable in my work. The Ritz-Carlton company is a tool I use to keep myself both motivated and learning; I set a goal of staying a certain number of nights per year with them.

Five Reasons to Stay at a Ritz-Carlton, at Least, Once per Year:

  1. Location-Ritz-Carlton properties are always situated on unique pieces of land in interesting places.
  2. Attention to detail-Look around in any Ritz-Carlton hotel or resort and you will find no detail left unattended.
  3. Meeting interesting people-This includes the well-trained staff and other guests staying on the property.
  4. Great facilities and services-Ritz-Carlton understands their guests and pays attention to facilities that are consistent with where the property is located.
  5. Attitude-The Ritz-Carlton mantra is, “We are ladies and gentlemen serving ladies and gentlemen.” It is from this simple statement that I believe the Ritz-Carlton derives its power. Both as a brand and an experience. A driving statement such as this embodies the Golden Rule and it is no wonder it works so well to create a successful culture.

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