Goal Setting and Why?

Jill Konrath is an author, strategist and speaker whose work I find to be first-rate. Here’s a new video that Jill put together that covers an important aspect of goal setting and achievement. Check it out here at Jillkonrath.com

Much has been written regarding the importance of establishing our “why” in virtually all aspects of our lives. Including this crucial step in goal setting for this year may be just what you need to hit your goals for 2015.

Another great resource is Simon Sinek’s book “Start with Why.” It’s one of my favorites if you’re not familiar with this line of thinking. See Simon’s excellent Ted Talk here and check out the book here.

To me, Jill’s video is timely because many of us are in the early stages of implementing our 2015 plans and making sure that our “why” is included in the execution plan is important.

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