A New Homonym for Parents – Text + Lecture = Texture

As a father of four, mostly grown, kids I communicate with them often by text message. I have come to learn that sometimes the only chance that I have to offer a suggestion about a situation is through text message. I now call this “Texture,” and what I mean is a short lecture via text.

Texture is not a popular tactic in our family. My kids don’t like it when I texture them and neither does my wife (To be clear, I don’t texture Jean – only our kids.). Often I can’t resist the urge to pass-on something that I have learned in my life experiences that I believe may help one of my off-spring make a good decision. I do this with the best of intentions, am I off-base?

To me, texture is just using technology to connect with someone using both a device and format that is convenient for them.

I like my new homonym. I hope that those of you who communicate with your kids via text will insert this new meaning into your vocabulary and put it to good use.

What do you think of texture? Has someone already used this word in this way and I’ve missed it?



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