The Importance of Thinking

At an early age, my Mom and Dad taught me about the importance of thinking. I didn’t always do it, that’s for sure. And never-the-less, they were patient with me and I found my way.

Understanding the Importance of Thinking

Understanding the importance of thinking took me a while. I am grateful my parents set me on a course that helped me think about thinking. That’s meta, now isn’t it.

The saying “A man becomes what he thinks about,” is attributed to lots of authors. I first learned about it Napoleon Hill’s book, “Think and Grow Rich.” He gave credit to Marcus Aurelius, but I think it goes back farther than that.

It doesn’t much matter where it came from.

Controlling Your Thoughts

Like the quest for humility, the notion of controlling your thoughts can seem hard. And it is. The importance of thinking can not be overstated. At least for me.

You see, when I began to realize that how I thought about what happened in my life affected my present and future circumstances, everything changed.

I’m not perfect at doing this by any means. I see controlling my thoughts and response to and about events similar to lifelong learning. I’m never “there.”

Keeping the Importance of Thinking Top-of-Mind

Now we’re bringing this back to marketing and selling! Events in our lives happen. Many times, the only control we have on these situations is how we respond and think about them?

This is true in business and life. Sometimes you lose a deal, or customer fires you for their own reasons. You didn’t do anything wrong, and nothing you can do will change it.

How do you respond to that? WIth anger and resentment, or gratitude for what you had and hope for what might happen next? The choice is yours, and it can make a huge difference in your life.

Why not try it? 

In Conclusion

A book that I like to read each day is called “As I Think” (Affiliate Link) by James Allen. It helps me stay focused on the importance of thinking.  I read a few paragraphs each day and keep working through them.

One of my favorite quotes from the book is: “The Vision that I glorify in mind, the Ideal that I enthrone in my heart – this I build my life by, this I become.”

What do you use to help you direct your thinking? Leave a comment below and share with us how you do it? 

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