Are You Making These 5 LASIK Marketing Mistakes?

Corporate LASIK is doing about 50% of the LASIK procedures in the United States. These are the LASIK marketing mistakes allowing fewer than 5% of the LASIK Surgeons in the market to dominate so decisively.

Here are Five LASIK Marketing Mistakes Most Independent LASIK Surgeons Make

You Have a General Purpose Website

When LASIK patients come to your website, they are looking for one thing: LASIK. They don’t care about the other procedures you offer. And if you sell contacts on your site, you might think it’s a good “either-or” strategy, but it’s not. It’s confusing.

When you go to the LASIK Plus website, they don’t sell contacts, do they? Most of you Ophthalmologists that I talk to worry a lot about LASIK Plus, so learn from them on that point. Sell LASIK, not contacts. Take a look and see what I mean. 

The Only Call-to-Action on Your Site is “Schedule a Consult”- LASIK Marketing Mistake #2

Asking someone to come in for a “free consult” feels to you like a gift. And from your perspective it is, because I know how valuable your time is. The problem is, though, people thinking about LASIK don’t much care about your time. They care about their own.

You should have a “schedule a consult” call-to-action on your site for sure. Take it a step further, and a best-practice is to have a schedule a consult button.

You also need, however, a transitional call-to-action that offers them something of value and gets them into your marketing funnel. You know, something like a downloadable PDF of “Five Critical Questions to Ask Your LASIK Surgeon.”

In marketing speak, we call this a “lead magnet.”

Not having a transitional call-to-action is an avoidable LASIK marketing mistake practices make. Don’t do it.

Your Website is Internally Focused

Do you have a picture of your staff and your building on your homepage? Admit it if you do, because you’re in good company. And this is a big LASIK marketing mistake you can make. Why?

What are you selling, buildings? No. You’re selling an outcome. A vision of a better life without glasses. Have pictures and stories of happy LASIK patients with changed lives. Show them what’s possible. No. One. Cares. About . Your. Building. They assume it’s nice – you’re a doctor.

One other thing while I’m on this riff. Lose the pictures of you at the laser, the laser itself, and, God forbid, an eye being treated by a laser.

Seriously? The number one barrier to LASIK is fear of the procedure. So showing an eye spread-open with a speculum is the stuff of horror movies – thing the “Saw” series.

This is one of the most common LASIK marketing mistakes I see.

No Person Dedicated to Outbound Marketing Activity – LASIK Marketing Mistake #4

Many practices that I travel into tell me they “take what comes” with LASIK. Why? Because they have enough cataract business to keep them more than busy. Fair enough.

Here’s the thing: When you and your staff start avoiding LASIk marketing mistakes, you get better at upgrading cataract surgery patients, too. Here’s where a dedicated person helps.

What I mean is, when you have a person who “owns the program” they follow-up on leads, and perform outbound marketing activities that floats all of the boats in your practice higher.

No Marketing Defined Patient Pathway to the Outcome They Might Be Seeking

This one ties back to LASIK marketing mistakes numbers one and two. By the time a patient hits your website, they’re pretty far along in making a decision. What I mean is, they’ve probably emotionally decided to have LASIK,  now they’re gathering facts to support their decision.

This is why it’s important to have a LASIK candidacy test to capture an email, and a lead magnet to bring them closer to you. What you’re doing here is supporting their fact gathering and offering value in exchange for an email.

Your goal here is to get them into a nurturing campaign so you may continue to build a relationship with them. Doing this seems straightforward, and it is. Why do so few people do it?

In Conclusion – All of These Are “Fixable!”

There are more than five common LASIK marketing mistakes. And if you’ve read this far, maybe you’re feeling a little hopeless?

If you are, you don’t have to because the good news is that all of these LASIK marketing mistakes are fixable! If you keep checking back to, you will find ideas to help you grow your LASIK business.

Finally, if you want an easy way to get started, maybe I can help. If you’d like a free pdf that I put together about how to make your customers and prospects feel special, fill out the form below. Or, if you’d like to schedule a time to discuss something you’re working on, email me at [email protected].

Good luck and good marketing and selling! 

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