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Learning Artificial Intelligence for Marketing can be easy. Build confidence without being a math whiz or computer scientist.

The next logical frontier in marketing is harnessing the data gathered from the Internet of Things, our websites, our CRM systems, social media, and all of the other places we leave our digital exhaust.

Learning Artificial Intelligence for Marketing

If you’re like me, when you think about artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) your eyes might glaze over. And what’s also true, is that I am wildly curious about how I might make learning artificial intelligence for marketing easy?

AI and ML are not going away. So why not decide to gain a basic understanding of what they are, how they work, and how they might help grow your business? 

How Might We Begin Learning Artificial intelligence for Marketing?

To get started, as I do with most things, I bought a book. There are lots of them out there, so where you begin isn’t that important. The critical step is that you begin. You know the “How do you eat an elephant story, right?” Yep. One bite at a time.

Choosing a book about learning artificial intelligence for marketing is your “first bite.”  When I began, I bought “Artificial Intelligence for Marketing - Practical Applications,” by Jim Sterne. It’s an excellent book, and you may get it on Amazon (Affiliate Link) here.

Another interesting read about technology is Kevin Kelly’s book, “The Inevitable: Understanding Twelve Technological Forces That Will Shape the Future.“ You may read my summary of this book by clicking this text or reading it below.

The Three D’s of Artificial Intelligence

In his book, Sterne writes about the three D’s of artificial intelligence: Detect, deliberate, and develop. He calls this the shorthand for remembering what’s special about AI.


Detect is how AI can discover attributes and  elements that are important in a set of data. Even is huge amounts of data, AI can determine what you might pay attention to because it can reveal characteristics, and also what you might want to avoid.


Deliberate is what AI does to infer rules about the data from that data, and use what it learns to answer a question and make recommendations. It can even take into the relevance of these to reach conclusions.


AI can evolve as new information comes into the system to help it mature. You’ve no doubt seen this if you use an online music service and take the time to “favorite” songs as you listen. Over time, the AI behind the service learns what you like and the selections become better over time.

A Summary of the three D’s and Learning Artificial Intelligence for Marketing

Jim Sterne writes: “An individual’s search terms are more important than her location, which is more important than her age (detect). When people use six or more words in a search, their propensity to purchase is so that a discount is counterproductive (deliberate). Once it is noted that women under the age of 24 are not likely to purchase, regardless of words in a search, an experiment can be run to offer them free shipping (develop).

The Inevitable by Kevin Kelly – Understanding the Twelve Technological Forces That Will Shape Our Future

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No One Has the Algorithm

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