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Learning copywriting can be easy. It is a skill that anyone may build, and this page offers tips and ideas to help you.

Learning Copywriting is in Everyone’s Best Interest

Have you ever hear someone say, “I’m just not a good writer, so learning copywriting isn't my thing." When someone says that to me, I think “How much do you write?” So, I often ask that question.

The responses I get are sometimes funny. For instance, I once asked an Ophthalmologist, “Do you like to write?” He looked at me like I asked him if he enjoyed butchering small bunny rabbits.

He responded, “Well, I can certainly write. But if you mean stories and things like that, no. I’m not interested in doing that.”  “Fair enough,” I responded.

Everybody Writes

Ann Handley wrote an excellent book about writing called, “Everybody Writes.”(Affiliate Link) I think one of the best ways to begin learning copywriting is to read this book. Why?

Let me explain. In my experience, most people believe they aren’t capable of learning copywriting because they’re not creative. Here’s the truth, at our core, we’re all creative in some way.

Your task is to find a topic that interests you and write about it. If you read Handley’s book, learning copywriting will happen. And you will understand that copywriting is formulaic. Or, at least, it can be if you want it that way.

Why is Learning Copywriting So Important For Your Business?

Throughout this site, I write about topics related to marketing, selling, and strategy in various industries. Primarily, though, I write about these related to Ophthalmology and healthcare-related industries.

Every topic I explore on this site requires copywriting. And what’s true is that the only unique aspect of any content I create is my point-of-view. That’s true for you, too!

When you distill all of this down, what it means is that the biggest block to learning copywriting is your mindset. And what’s great about that, is you have 100% control over that!

In Conclusion

Read Ann Handley’s book. And come back here often to find updates to help you with learning about copywriting. Because as the ideas expand and the content available to you grows, you might find something interesting. I’m truly grateful you’re here.

There are blog posts below where you can learn more. 

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Good luck and good marketing and selling! 

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