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Learning digital marketing can make marketing easy. Because of this, the key is keeping it simple enough that you’ll do it.

Learning Digital Marketing Doesn’t Have to be Intimidating

The global Coronavirus Pandemic accelerated the shift to digital marketing for many companies and began it for others. As an example, here is an interesting article from Searchenginejournal.com that tells the story of a local wine store that shifted to virtual tastings that were successful. So because of this, he thinks they’ll continue even after the Pandemic is over (And that can’t be soon enough!)

Likewise, in Ophthalmology, LASIK surgeons began doing virtual LASIK consults, and patients were receptive. As a result, a surgeon friend of mine in Philadelphia, PA was amazed by the success of the “virtual consult strategy.”  Their secret was to jump in and go. In other words, without waiting for everything to be perfect.

In Learning Digital Marketing Speed is Good

First, for those of you who read the section on Learning Email Marketing, you learned how I believe the ability to implement and iterate is important. Because this is especially true with digital marketing, too. And, let’s face it, email marketing is a subset of digital marketing.

What is Digital Marketing and How Do You Go About Learning Digital Marketing?

MarTech Advisor writes this about digital marketing: Digital marketing is defined as a marketing approach that primarily relies on the internet to connect with the target audience. Consequently, they use various digital media channels and platforms.

That is to say if you think about this definition, and the myriad possibilities it opens up for your practice or business, you should get excited! This might be what you’ve been waiting for: Something inexpensive, measurable, and effective.

As might not surprise you, there’s a book I like to set you on the right track for learning digital marketing: “The Art of Digital Marketing” by Ian Dodson (Affiliate Link). I like this one because it is broad and campaign based. So that way, you can jump around and try different ideas Dodson writes about.

Doing Something is Important for Learning Digital Marketing

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So bookmark the site and stop back often!

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