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Learning Marketing Communications can be easy. The question you might have is, “What? Marketing Communications?”

What is Marketing Communications?

Said more broadly, learning marketing communications (MarCom) is all of the messages you use to do marketing. More specifically, it’s all of the messaging and media you use to communicate with your market. So learning marketing communications with one webpage isn’t possible.

As a result, I will follow this content with more to aid you in learning marketing communications.

To helo you learn, the topics I’ll cover are:

  1. What is marketing communications (This page?)
  2. Positioning
  3. Your marketing message
  4. MarCom for YOU
  5. Marketing communications for reaching your target audience
  6. Employing marketing communications to “Cross the Chasm”(Affiliate Link)

Learning Marketing Communications

Ok. So what’s the purpose of marketing communications? Good question!

You are exploring marketing communications to accomplish your objectives. One is to create and maintain demand for your products and services. The other is to compress the sales cycle.

Creating Preference

Learning marketing communications helps you create a preference in the mind of your prospects and customers. So if you think about it, all marketing communications aim to keep your brand top-of-mind when your customer decides to make a purchase.

More directly, virtually everything you do in marketing communications is about creating a preference for your brand. As an example, I wrote about branding here, and I think it can be a misunderstood and “hiding” term, but it applies to creating preference.

How Do You Go From Positioning to Communication?

  1. What it is, is defined by the product or service you offer.
  2. Showing what it does, is defined by the benefits someone gets from your products and services.
  3. What it means, is defined by the effect someone gets by using what you offer.
  4. Why should I care, creates the motivation someone needs to choose YOU.

Shortening the Sales Cycle

Similarly, when learning marketing communications, seeking ways to shorten your sales cycle is important. Doing this will help you, and the people in your business responsible for growing it, win more sales.

In general, what you are seeking in shortening a sales cycle is to identify entry points in the buying process where opportunity exists. To clarify, a big part of learning marketing communications is to explore methods where you might introduce a message, in a certain media, that move the prospect along the selling continuum.

I think of it as designing velvet-covered entry wedges. 

In Conclusion

There are blog posts below where you can learn more. I produce new content all of the time, so stop back often. 

If you’d like a free pdf that I put together about how to make your customers and prospects feel special, fill out the form below. Or, if you’d like to schedule a time to discuss something you’re working on, email me at Joel@makemarketingeasy.com.

Good luck and good marketing and selling!

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