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If you keep it simple, learning marketing strategy can be easy. So, this section aims to pique your interest with some fundamental ideas.

Learning Marketing Strategy Uses Military Metaphors a Lot

Many books on learning strategy of any kind tend to feature military stories. Why is that? That is to ask, what does the military have to do with strategy?

As it turns out, a lot! A strategy is planning how you will reach an objective. And what better arena to plan and execute than on the battlefield where people’s lives and tremendous resources are at stake?

What’s the Difference Between Strategies and Tactics?

When I was a young Marketing Product Manager, I attended my first marketing strategy and planning meeting at Tan-Tar-A Resort at the Lake of the Ozarks, Missouri. It was an exciting week, and I learned a lot.

Listening to the presentations from the other Product Managers was a lot of fun for me. On the other hand, hearing people keep interrupting the flow to ask, “Ah, Fred. You called that a strategy, and I think it’s a tactic.”

I get it. Strategies and tactics are different. But I’m not kidding you, this was funny and has stuck with me for years.

Strategies and Tactics, Oh My!

Learning marketing strategy and related tactics are incredibly interesting to me. What I mean, is that you can get mixed-up in which is which, or focus on the bigger picture of where you’re trying to go. And the steps you’ll take to get there.

Marketing strategy reflects how a company might best use its skills and resources in the marketplace to gain mark market share. Inevitably, it is broad in scope.

Tactics are more narrow. Think of strategy as setting the direction, and tactics as the steps you might take to get there. Different, for sure. But one without the other is futile. 

In conclusion

To me, learning marketing strategy is a lot like seeking humility. Once you think you’ve found the secret, you’re probably far from it.

There are blog posts below where you can learn more. I produce new content all of the time, so stop back often. 

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Good luck and good marketing and selling! And if you’re a regular reader of this blog, you’re probably thinking, “Where’s the book?”

Not one to disappoint, here’s one of my favorite books on strategy. If you keep coming back, you’ll find out why: “Edge Strategy” by Lewis and McKone (Affiliate Link)

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