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Learning Social Media can be easy if you take it in small bites. This page will teach you about social media strategy and how it might work for your business.

Learning Social Media is important, but not the most important

A friend of mine who is a successful entrepreneur recently launched a new venture and decided to use “Influencer Marketing” as his primary Social Media strategy. It didn’t work.

The keys to learning social media marketing is focus, engagement, and regular content creation. In that order.

When you decide a social media platform or two is right for you and your business, engage on those channels, and then begin creating content. Doing it this way will drive engagement with your brand, product, or service.

Don’t be a social media “Lurker”

When you are learning social media, using it as a listening platform is good. And you should continue to do that even after you become comfortable with your presence on social media.

What you must not do, is remain a “Lurker.”  You know the type, always watching, never engaging, and no posting of any original content or ideas.

When you’re learning social media, how do you pick your platform?

There are two factors in picking your social platforms where you’ll engage. First, where do your customers and prospects hang-out (Digitally)? Second, what’s a platform you like, find easy to use, and will interact with on a regular basis.

It can be that simple. And the blog posts, podcast interviews, and content links below on this page will help you as you continue learning social media.

Bookmark this page, and check back often because social media changes fast. And if that’s a newsflash for you, you definitely need to get in touch with me!  Or, here is a link (Affiliate Link) to a terrific book on Amazon about Social Media Marketing.

A Veteran Medical Device Sales Rep Explains How He Uses Social Media to Help Him Succeed

By Joel Gaslin | April 30, 2020 |

In the second episode of season 2 of the Make Marketing Easy podcast, host Joel Gaslin talks to Andy Wright, Sr. Regional Business Manager with Glaukos. To open, Andy explains how he realized that LinkedIn is a great avenue to get information out about his company. He began by asking surgeons he worked with to…

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