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Learning selling skills can be easy. The content on this page will help you learn to think about selling a part of your business you enjoy instead of dread. You see, in selling, it’s all about the mindset!

How Might You Make Learning Selling Skills Easy?

How might you make selling skills easy is a beautiful question. Why? Because it asks you to link in your mind selling and easy. And that’s a terrific first step.

Going further, learning to ask good questions is the foundation of successful selling. Warren Burger wrote an excellent book to help you learn to ask better questions called “The Book of Beautiful Questions.” (Affiliate Link)

Why Start a Page About Learning Selling Skills With Content About Question?

In my experience in selling and managing salespeople, the number one mistake we make, is we talk when we should be listening. There’s an old saying that the Lord gave us two ears and one mouth so that we might use them in proportion. 

I think that ratio is off, but it’s a good start!

Why Are Questions So Important And When Do I Get to Make My Pitch?

Here’s a hint that will help you succeed in learning selling skills: No One. Wants. To. Hear. Your. Pitch. People (Remember, ALL prospects and customers are people.) want you to listen to them, understand their problems, and help them find a solution.

I’m not judging you here. When you get nervous, what the easiest thing to do? Talk. It’s why I resist with all my power to provide people new to selling a script.

Instead, I believe the best way to learn selling skills is to learn to ask better questions, how to research your customer, and how to deliver value. And that may not always be your product or service.

Finally, during my career, the most fun and productive sales calls have always come from me listening and asking a challenging question back. The aim of this question is to get the customer to say or think, “Huh. I hadn’t thought of it that way.”

There is an excellent book by Dixon and Adamson called, “The Challenger Sale.” (Affiliate Link)

In Conclusion

If you came to this page thinking you were going to find a silver bullet to fire into the heart of the “I don’t want to sell Werewolf,” I’m sorry if you're disappointed. What I promise is that if you go further into this site, you’ll find loads of content to help you on your quest toward learning selling skills.

Learning selling skills is critical for any business. And there are lots of good ways to learn them. If you are new to selling, or just want to improve your skills, you’re in the right place and I’m grateful you’re here. 

There are blog posts below, and always more coming,  to help you learn more. 

If you’d like a free pdf that I put together about how to make your customers and prospects feel special, fill out the form below. Or, if you’d like to schedule a time to discuss something you’re working on, email me at

Good luck and good marketing and selling! 

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