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Strategy management can be easy. The content on this page will help you stay connected with your strategy when the planning is done.

What is Strategy Management?

My business hero Peter Drucker defined Management this way: "Management is a multi-purpose organ that manages business and manages managers and manages workers and work."

As an extension of that definition, I see strategy management as similar because it is people who must execute the strategy. Or as Mr. Drucker might say,  get the results. You can read many of his ideas in his seminal book on management: “Management” by Peter Drucker.(Affiliate Link)

What Are The Steps You Might Use for Strategy Management?

  1. Managing the strategy planning in the real world is using the organization’s strengths effectively and shoring up weaknesses. 
  2. Devising ways to make it easy for people to contribute.
  3. Integrating people in the strategy management process by thinking through, setting, and exemplifying the organizational objectives, values and goals.
  4. Help your enterprise and its members to grow and develop through training, teaching, and iteration.
  5. Ensuring everyone knows who is doing what, meeting often to update the plan, and always be keen on strategy management as a living, breathing part of the organization.

How Do You Keep Strategy Management Interesting?

The hardest part of the strategy is keeping it interesting over the long term. What I mean is, it’s easy to get excited and focused when you get together for the meeting or book a day to work on strategy.

Consequently, life and the day-to-day activities of running a business get in the way. And then what happens is you spend all of your time working IN your business until you are exhausted.

The next thing you know you look up and it’s the end of the year. Strategy management is working ON your business. And I guarantee that if you commit yourself to one hour per week of working on your business, you will be amazed at your progress>

In Conclusion

The three categories on this site are generating strategy ideas, strategy planning, and strategy management. If you focus on these three topics and stop back often to see what’s new on, you might just have your best year ever!

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Good luck and good marketing and selling! 

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