This episode of the Make Marketing Easy podcast, hosted by Joel Gaslin, features 6’5” Indiana-based marketing automation expert Jason Wright.  Jason’s days have an unusual structure to them and are filled with client calls, consulting, projects, brand building, and maybe even a round of golf or some time cheering for the Colts. 

He insists on the value of developing positive client relationships, being confidently willing to receive a “no” answer and refuse a price change, and honing his business to focus on what he loves, namely, marketing automation platform, active campaign-specific recurring services, coaching and strategy programs, and working with high-ticket custom sales funnel clients.

Jason provides a lot of specific insight into the world of marketing automation. First speaking about how to grow the very small number of sales reps independently using marketing automation. 

Jason also addresses a number of other topics: recommended tools such as Active Campaign, the internal focus that many organizations have developed in the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic, his work with Upwork and in developing useful email strategies, how not to use LinkedIn, common ways of navigating client relationships, and the use of marketing automation. 

He wants listeners to leave with the knowledge that there are many tools they can use and that they can, in fact, have better success in client relationships. Jason believes marketing automation is a critical skill for anyone working in a business.

Jason also makes some observations about who is going to win the U.S. Open golf tournament. So if you’re a golfer, see how he is at predictions!

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