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Coming up with doctor marketing ideas can be fun and easy. The content on this page will help you think of ways you might market your practice and grow your business.

Why Do Doctors Need Marketing?

Not all doctors market their practices or themselves. And that’s okay. It’s not smart,. But, hey, even smart doctors make do dumb things sometimes!

Doctors need marketing because they are part of a business where they are the production engine. This is what oftentimes makes it hard to generate doctor marketing ideas.

And depending on the size of the practice, this can be more difficult because when you’re tired from production all day, the only thing you want to do at the end of the day is being done. Marketing can. Or can it?

What If You Skip Marketing?

Your business will go bankrupt. I’m kidding and being a bit dramatic. But it might!

You see, today’s patients want to know about you before they come to see you. Their first step is generally a quick stop at your website. 

Website’s today are like washing your hands as a doctor - your patients assume you’re doing it. And they expect you’ll have a website with a good user experience, a place to pay bills, an online scheduling option, and a place to get their questions answered fast.

So if you skip marketing because you don’t have any good doctor marketing ideas. Well, it’s a good thing you’re here because this will be a growing resource for you to learn about marketing your practice for growth.

How Might You Get Started with Creating Doctor Marketing Ideas?

Step One

Look around your practice. When you walk in the door, does it appeal to your senses? More importantly, is it engaging to people other than you?

Step 2

What are you doing today for marketing? Who is giving you doctor marketing ideas? How much are you spending? Who is “in charge’ of your marketing and do they have objectives and incentives aligned with your plans. Do you have a marketing plan?

Step 3

Create a one-page marketing plan. Here’s a great book by Allan Dib that you might use to help you get started called “The One Page Marketing Plan.” (Affiliate Link) Or if you’d like a more theoretical approach, here’s an excellent book by Malcolm McDonald called “Marketing Plans for Services." (Affiliate Link)

In Conclusion

The three steps above are intended to help you get started with marketing. I believe Personas and segmenting your market are important, too.

This site breaks down all of the various pieces and parts that together help create doctor marketing ideas that will grow your practice.

The best advice I can give you, though is not original. It comes from Nike: Just do it.

Because after all, marketing is like getting in shape. You must create a vision for where you want to go, plan how you’ll get there, and do the work. There aren’t shortcuts.

I’m going to write about doctor marketing ideas on this page. So if you’re into that, stop back often. And leave a comment below about your favorite stories of how you’re coming along with marketing your practice.

If you’d like a free pdf that I put together about how to make your customers and prospects feel special, fill out the form below. Or, if you’d like to schedule a time to discuss something you’re working on, email me at

Good luck and good marketing and selling! 

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