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Sightpath Medical offers simple and low-risk access to equipment, supplies, and expert staff to make ophthalmology surgery days easy. I work here.

Sightpath Medical Began With a Belief That Still Drives Us Today

Sightpath Medical began in Minnesota in April of 1991 with the belief that care closest to home is best for the patient. Today, that belief still shapes our thinking and guides our actions. 

Sightpath Medical is a service company. As a result, we’ve grown over the last thirty years into a business that helps rural, metropolitan, and suburban Ophthalmologists stay up-to-date with technology no matter where they might live. 

And in doing this, we also help facility staff reduce their surgery day stress by managing equipment, supplies, and staff so they can focus on patient care.

When there is a change, that’s where we find the opportunity. Think Uber meets Geek Squad. Anywhere you want with expert support.

Sightpath Medical Has Three Surgical Platforms

Cataract Surgery

Cataract surgery is the most commonly performed surgical procedure in the world. The technology changes fast, and so does the procedure itself. Cataract surgery is mostly reimbursed by Medicare.

Because of this, many surgeons struggle to keep up with the investment required to stay up-to-date. And their surgical facilities are sometimes frustrated by these rapid changes, too. 

That’s where Sighpath Medical comes in. We’re a bunch of “Doctor Huggers” and we love to help surgeons deliver great outcomes for their patients.

With our cataract platform, we bring everything a doctor needs to do cataract surgery. The facility provides the space, anesthesia, and pharmaceuticals - the rest is up to us. Easy Peasy.

Refractive Surgery (LASIK)

LASIK is a procedure enjoying tremendous success during the recent pandemic. Many people who find themselves with fogging glasses while masking-up consider LASIK a Godsend. And it is!

Sightpath Medical’s refractive platform helps more than 200 Ophthalmologist offer LASIK in their practice without having to spend the money to acquire and maintain the lasers. People refer to what we do in the market as “Roll-On Roll-Off.”

Like with our cataract platform, we aim for easy surgery days and happy surgeons and patients. Because we work with practices of all sizes, our services offer many varieties and options.

Laser Cataract Surgery

Laser cataract surgery automates several steps of the cataract procedure and yields a targeted refractive outcome. As a result, many surgeons say it makes the cataract procedure more gentle on the eye and more accurate and precise. It is not covered by Medicare.

At Sightpath Medical, we use the Alcon LenSx laser for our platform. We introduced this Roll-on/Roll-off platform in March or 2013. So far, we’ve assisted surgeons in performing more than 120,000 cases using our lasers and expert staff.

Launching this service platform is one of the highlights of my career. Many people collaborated to accomplish something that some people believed we couldn’t do.

In Conclusion

Working at Sightpath Medical as the EVP of Sales and Marketing is a joy for me. I work with smart and dedicated people who are committed to a culture of service. 

Like any business, we have our challenges. And still, I believe we have the “right stuff” to take this company to the next level. Whatever that may be?

A quick reminder that this is my personal site. What I write are my own views and opinions.

If you’d like to get in touch with me about working with Sightpath, please email me at

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