A Positive Way to Start the Day

About five years ago, I came across a website called, dailygratitude.com. This site is run by a guy names Wes Hopper who used to be an engineer, has had some struggles, came across a system for helping him see the world differently by a guy named by Bob Proffet and now produces a daily gratitude e-mail that shows-up each morning in my in-box.

Daily Gratitude Site

What I like about what Wes does is that he starts with a quote, writes a few thoughts about it and makes some suggestions for how one may think about it. He doesn’t preach or pontificate, he just kind of muses about gratitude. I like the way that he writes and I believe that he has improved a lot over the past five years, that’s not meant to say that he wasn’t good when I found him. He writes persistently and I feel like it has improved because of his commitment to his craft.

I have no idea what his subscriber base is and don’t really care, I like his work. If you’re at all like me and you enjoy waking-up early in the morning, drinking a cup of coffee to get the engines revved up, doing some meditational type of reading, exercising and then getting on with the day, Wes may just be your guy.

Check him out.

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