Proven Success Formula?

Everyone is interested in a “proven Success formula,” right? In 2009 Chris Guillebeau wrote 279 Days to Overnight Success. I recently came across this excellent work by listening to a book by Jane Friedman about publishing a book.

What I like about Chris’s work is the simplicity he offers in his approach to becoming a successful “blogger.” What I learned by reading his work, gets me pretty fired up to work even harder. When coupled with my own fits-and-starts type of experiences over the last few years blogging, I get even more excited about producing my art.

Chris doesn’t offer any “get it done quick” type of success formula advice in his manifesto, he simply offers actionable strategies to meet a goal if you’re willing to do the work. I like that. I believe what he has accomplished in the years since he wrote this only lend more credence to his ability to teach.

If you get a chance, read the pdf. It doesn’t take too long and if you’ve ever thought of blogging as a way to get your art out into the work, you’ll be happy you spent the time.

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