You are what you reach for….

I’ve come to this conclusion after much thought.  It’s pretty simple, yet complex at the same time.  Humbling.  Kind of like me.

I’ve come to learn that throughout my life, as I find myself firmly planted in middle age, I am the sum total of the things that I’ve reached for.  Some good and some not-so-good things that I have reached for occupied my thoughts, consumed my time and crossed my lips.  Some of these reaches have lead to soaring success and others to crushing, gut-wrenching failure.  Gratefully, I am resilient and I press-on.

I want to write about lots of things on this blog.  It’s mine and I’ll write about whatever is on my mind.   So a recurring section will be the “You are what you reach for…”

Connections seems like a good thing to think about so I’ll write about those, too.  Not in the “hey, look at me, I’m so connected.”  More in the sense of what connects me to the world and the people in it.

You may already be getting a sense that the ideas addressed in writing on this blog may be as herky-jerky as the first time my dad taught my mom to drive a stick shift in our 1978 Red Volkswagen Rabbit in the parking lot of the IBM factory in Rochester, Minnesota after church with my brother and me in the back seat.  We just wanted to go and have breakfast.

I’ve started blogs in the past with varying degrees of commitment.  It’s time for me to follow through on a nagging desire to write.  I’ve been told that I do it well, albeit a bit too wordy at times.  Whether that is true or not really doesn’t matter.  I am going to write and write only for me.  I’ll be honest, that’s the only promise that I’ll make.

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