The Sales Rep Accelerator Program

Stop Struggling and Start Winning!

Joel Gaslin Consulting - 90-Day Sales Rep Accelerator Program

Sales representative turnover costs companies an average of $100k per event. Also, the time and distraction of coaching underperforming sales reps impact sales leadership’s ability to succeed.

Once the spiral towards sales rep failure begins, the rep, manager, and company experience turbulence. Rarely does it have a cheerful ending because change takes patience and practice.

Company leadership and the sales representative will benefit from the advice, counsel, and coaching of an experienced and objective third party. A coach to help the sales rep reboot and get on a path towards sales success and give company leadership the peace-of-mind they are going the extra mile to help their team members succeed.

90-Day Sales Rep Accelerator Process

  • (One Time On-boarding) Business Intelligence - After the sales rep orients me on the following aspects of the business, I have 20-minute meetings with managers to confirm:
    • Your business, customers, and what they value.
    • Your sales process, essential metrics, and traits of successful sales reps in the company.
    • Sales and Marketing alignment.
  • (Week 1) Sales Rep Specific Intelligence Gathering
    • How did the sales rep get to the position they’re in today - listen and give feedback.
    • Identify gaps in understanding and skills.
    • Discuss and examine wins and losses to find building blocks for a turnaround.
  • (Week 2) Mindset and Skill Building
    • Help the sales rep believe success is possible.
    • Identify the activities that lead to success, tools available, and develop stories they can use.
    • Agree upon metrics; set daily and weekly goals.
  • (Weeks 3-12) Plan, Execute, and Improve
    • Assist the rep in developing their own 30-60-90 plan for success and submit it to their manager.
    • Weekly coaching calls with the sales rep to discuss the week’s performance.
    • Bi-weekly progress calls with the sales rep’s manager to adapt and adjust.

What I promise not to do:

  • Try to be anything more than a coach and resource for the sales rep - the sales manager is still in charge.
  • Propose solutions that are not consistent with the vision of leadership and the company.

Joel Gaslin Brief Bio

  • 31 years of experience selling, marketing, and leading sales and marketing teams.
  • Senior Executive with experience growing small and medium-sized businesses
    • Sightpath Medical - lead the sales team for the last 10 years through an expansion from 6 territories to 17 resulting in 38% growth in new account acquisitions.
    • Precision Lens – Led the sales team which grew the company 7.5x in the 11-year tenure as Vice President and General Manager.