Seeking Humility

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Seeking humility can be easy. The content on this page will help you on your quest for humility in life and business.

Why is Seeking Humility Important?

For you, it might not be. For me, it is everything. 

You see, as I reflect on my 55 years of life, I now understand I paid heavy prices for not seeking humility. I can trace every screwed-up situation, “bad luck,” poor timing, and personal conflicts to one thing: My pride.

Huh? Humility and Pride on Make Marketing Easy?

Yes. I read a story once where Napoleon Hill said he wrote “Think and Grow Rich” in the throes of World War II to keep his mind positive. What it became is a result of his purpose in writing the book,

The content on this page of might make you uncomfortable. What I mean, is that what I write here is going to be personal. Seeking humility is not my “true north,” and it must be!

Is this a religious site?

No. And yes. I am a Catholic. A practicing Catholic. I don’t write that to brag, it’s hard being Catholic these days. Our parish, St. Hubert’s Catholic Community in Chanhassen, Minnesota, is doing okay. But Catholic Priest scandals and a Pandemic have created challenges.

So while this isn’t a religious site, seeking humility in life and business is important to me. And part of what helps me on my quest are the sacraments of the Catholic Church. I take comfort in the Mass on Sundays, pray the Rosary each day, and have conversations with God throughout the day because that works for me.

Maybe it doesn’t for you. And that’s ok. The Lord asks us to “Learn of me because I am meek and humble of heart.” Does it seem like that’s something we might all be willing to rally around?

Is There an Endpoint to Seeking Humility?

Not to me. What I mean is, I now understand that when I think I am humble, I am the furthest from it.

Years ago, I picked up a copy of a little book called “Humility of Heart” (Affiliate Link) in a Catholic Book store when I was traveling on business. I am now on my 18th reading of that book, and this helps me on my quest for seeking humility.

In Conclusion

The content on this section of the site might be not what you expect on a business site. Please know that I create content on here as a reflection of my own struggles and victories. In no way am I suggesting that I know how you should live your life.

What you are reading is my desire to offer what I learn in the hope that you might think to yourself, “Hey, that might work for me too.” 

Finally, an important lesson I’ve learned is how important controlling my thoughts can be. I wrote about another book I read in this blog post.

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