With this site, Make Marketing Easy, my aim is to work towards answering the beautiful question, “How might I make marketing easy for Sales Reps?” Sadly, most Sales Reps think they don't need to learn marketing skills and it's costing them money in today's selling environments.

On this page, you will find the roadmap to how I think about the question, “What is marketing?,” as well as resources for you to learn easy-to-use concepts, and tools to help you market yourself, make more money, and win sales contests.

This page is an evolving resource for you so stop back often to see what’s new. Much of what you will find on this page is a guide to go deeper within to access tools and resources that help you.

There are two primary influencers on how I think about marketing: Dr. Philip Kotler of Northwestern University and Peter Drucker. To those of you who know about Kotler, this may make sense to you. Drucker, perhaps not so much.

Dr. Kotler is a Professor that never taught me in a class because I went to the University of Minnesota and studied biochemistry and he taught at Northwestern University in Chicago. Still, for me, Kotler’s “Marketing Management” textbook remains the gold-standard in teaching marketing principles.

Because I was a Biochemistry major in college, I never used this book for a class. Instead, I bought it, studied it, and learned from it because I was thirsty for the information I knew it contained.

Mr. Drucker, on the other hand, is not typically thought of as a “Marketing Guy.” But he is to me because I have learned so much from his work about process and management, and that is what drives marketing.

Marketing must have discipline and process to allow the creative portion to take flight. Drucker once wrote, “It is the goal of marketing to make selling superfluous.”

Drucker certainly understands that selling is a channel of marketing, and still, he wrote that statement. I believe this is because he teaches doing the work of asking the right questions about your business, understanding your customer's desires, and seeking to serve their needs as the path to make what most people think of as selling unnecessary.

And isn't that what all Sales Reps want - easy sales? Of course, we all do.

Yes. And no. It’s a bit of teaser statement for sure. What’s also true, though, is you can make marketing easy if you’re willing to do the work. I really can be that simple. A lot of people think that marketing is reserved for the creative types. Not true. They can be good, don’t get me wrong, but I know a lot of “process people” who don’t think they’re good at marketing but have helped me a great deal in learning the craft.


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