Superhero Sales Rep – 5 ways you are saving the business world one deal at a time!

Superhero status is what everyone strives for, right? How do you reach the rank of superhero sales rep when day-after-day you read about the demise of the profession?

Many sales reps assume the role of superhero, their companies depend on them to save the business world and they do it in the humble anonymity of making calls. In person or on the phone.

Here are five ways a superhero sales rep achieves immortality. Or doesn’t.

From the Outside, You Look Like an Average Person

Like Clark Kent before he hops into the phone booth, changes state and comes out Superman, you look “normal.” And trust me, in the sales rep realm, “normal” is a catch-all!

We’re mothers, fathers, husbands, wives, brothers, etc. until the moment that there is a deal in distress or a buying signal flailing in the wind. At that moment, we’re transformed and the magic begins.

On the other hand, sometimes we don’t have all of the facts and it gets tough to know the good deals from the bad. And the helpers from the villains. What’s a superhero sales rep to do? How do you

The Fate of the Company Hinges on Your Ability to Summon Your Super Power

And then there’s the pressure. They’ve all seen you rescue the deal from the jaws of defeat. You know the situation. You’re the one everyone is depending on to salvage the win for the good guys.

What happens when you’re all alone and your competitor is waving Kryptonite right in your face? This is when you reach deep, focus on your goals, collaborate with anyone who is on your side and save the day. Kryponite be damned, you’re a superhero sales rep!

You Didn’t Plan on This Role so Sometimes You are Conflicted

What, you didn’t show up for college the first day knowing you wanted to be a Sales Rep? Don’t worry, you’re not alone. It’s a rarity someone begins with that end in mind. Some do, but it’s not often.

Also, an internal conflict about what we’re good at is normal, too. The mind of a Sales Rep is a constant battle for supremacy. Master your thoughts and you will win more battles.

Why? Because when you beat yourself up after a bad call or think about bad outcomes for a meeting, you’re fighting a two front war and you can’t win. Believe in yourself and let your inner superhero shine through with positive thoughts and affirmations. Yes, they work.

You Love to Hang With Other Superhero’s and Swap Stories of Saving The Deal

A network of like-minded sales reps is like a personal Justice League. You remember, Superman, Wonder Woman, Batman, Flash, Aquaman, Green Lantern and the Martian Manhunter. They had some classic battles and always gathered back at the headquarters to swap stories and network. Well, at least it seemed to me like that’s what they were doing.

Your network is much the same. It can be a lonely existence as a sales rep. Where do you find other Superhero Sales Reps who can relate to what it’s like when Lex Luther conspires to use Kryptonite to stop Superman from saving the damsel in distress? Metaphorically speaking, of course.

After all, telling stories about the one that got away or what you would have said if you were to do it again are classic ways to improve our craft. We learn by interacting, hearing how others make their pitch and understanding why one prospect is worthwhile and the other a waste of time.

Your Battle Against Competitive Forces is Constant

Like the skinny guy in the Terminator movies who warns that machines never get tired or have a bad day, so it is with your competition. Or, at least, it seems that way. How do you fight them?

You do it with your team! Listen to Marketing, work with Finance, collaborate with your peers and work your network to amplify your activities and make the competition think you’re everywhere. Like a Superhero!

So, keep putting on your superhero sales rep outfit, fill your mind with positive thoughts and the next thing you know you’ll be like Buzz Lightyear (Okay, not a Superhero……) and take your business to infinity and beyond!

Which Superhero are you like?

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