The Art of the Handwritten Note and Staying Connected – with Vance Thompson, MD

In episode 1 of season 2 of the Make Marketing Easy podcast, host Joel Gaslin talks to Dr. Vance Thompson about the importance of handwritten notes, being progressive with technology and being old-school with how you respect and treat people. Their conversation is broken into a few main parts. They discuss marketing during times of crisis, Dr. Thompsons wine business ventures, and the future of refractive surgery.

Getting a handwritten note in the mail in 2020 packs a punch. It communicates an extra level of care and effort that an email or text just can’t convey. Dr. Thompson talks throughout this episode on the importance of putting people first at your practice, whether it’s a patient or staff member. This discussion of handwritten notes leads to the next part of their conversation: Dr. Thompson’s ventures in the wine business.

Dr. Thompson is a part of two wine businesses: Jessup Cellars and Handwritten Wines. Both of these businesses are hyper-focused on investing handmade quality and craft in each one of their wines. This philosophy of care clearly runs deep in Dr. Thompson’s life.

Lastly, Joel turns the conversation back onto the world of refractive surgery, asking Dr. Thompson what he thinks is the next big thing. He mentions light adjustability, trifocals, and SMILE laser surgery. Finally, he ends the conversation by offering some perennial wisdom for doctors who want to build a longstanding practice and salespeople who want to connect with them.

Handwritten notes are a great way to stay connected during the COVID hiatus and the re-ignition period.


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