What's Your Attribution Method?

Marketing Attribution Metrics are Important

Are you tracking your marketing metrics?

The folks at Opticall recently published their Medical Marketing Outlook for 2016. Reading through the article offers many interesting insights into what is happening in the elective medical procedure market. What comes to mind for me is attribution.

Last Fall, I attended the Ad-Tech meeting in New York City. Ad-Tech is where the movers-and-shakers of the advertising world get together to share stories, ideas, and strategies. During the conference, one of the hottest topics was, “attribution.”

Attribution is the ability to discern what caused the desired outcome. It’s not always easy to tell what’s working and what’s not. Studying your attribution rates – Think cause and effect – is a good business practice and pays long-term dividends.

Most medical practices use what I refer to as a “layered” approach to commercialization. A layered marketing plan may make unpacking what is working, and what is not, difficult. This is true because deploying multiple strategies and tactics make it harder to determine when, or why, a patient “converted.” Also, few practices are metrics driven when approaching their local market.

Thus, the “where are my patients coming from” dilemma so prevalent in multi-channel, medical practice marketing today.

What I like about Opticall’s article is they offer a few simple ideas for implementing a data-driven approach to marketing and looking for attribution clues to develop plans.

What attribution methods are using in your business to make certain your marketing spend is delivering the ROI you’re expecting?

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